Android TV box: the solution to connect your TV

Android TV box

There are many models of Android TV box. We can cite the Exp@and TV Box from CGV , the SRT2022 model offered by Strong or the many boxes from the Wewoo brand .

The objective of this type of device is simple: to provide functionalities connected to a TV , and to provide access to the advantages offered by the Android operating system .

Here are our tips for equipping yourself, installing the box and taking advantage of the essential functions.

1. When do I need an Android box?

In concrete terms, an Android TV box serves two purposes: transforming a television into a Smart TV and providing access to the advantages of the Android TV system .

For example, if the TV in your living room is a flat screen that is not connected but still works perfectly, and you do not want to change yet, you can consider connecting it via an Android TV box.

Ditto, if you have an extra television in the kitchen or in the bedroom, which again is not Smart and you want to provide it with more connected functionalities, the use of a box is surely the best option. solution.

Maybe you already have a Smart TV but not all of them are based on the Android TV OS . This is particularly the case of Samsung Smart TVs which work with the Tizen or LG operating system which uses WebOS.

If you are not satisfied with the operating system of your television (some applications or services may not be offered on the OS of certain manufacturers), the use of an Android TV box will allow you to access services without depriving you of the basic functionalities of your connected TV .

2. What types of services and content are accessible?

The Android operating system has hundreds of thousands of apps available on the Play Store .

But a good number are not available on Android TV, especially those that are specifically dedicated to smartphones, for example.

Obviously, we find in the first place everything that has a link with the viewing of content: streaming video applications like Netflix , OCS Go , Amazon Prime Video , replay applications like FranceTV , 6play , Molotov , but also applications that allow you to watch videos from your computer, smartphone or tablet , such as Kodi or VLC .

Android TV also lets you listen to music via apps like Deezer or Spotify , or even play compatible video games . We can mention MineCraft, Final Fantasy IX, Shadowblade, GTA Chinatown Wars, Asphalt 8, NBA Jam or even Hungry Shark among the dozens of compatible games.

An Android TV box therefore offers you a good amount of additional content on your television, all with a minimum footprint and simple installation. So many good reasons to consider this purchase, which adapts to all flat screen televisions!

3. How to install and configure an Android TV box?

An Android TV box is a very simple device to install . It requires three prerequisites:

Be aware, however, that if you are a fan of wired Internet, that is to say with Ethernet cable connections, you must make sure that the box you want to buy has an Ethernet port to be used from wired way.

This is generally the case with all models marketed by Ubaldi, but you better make sure!

The process is completely normal: Android TV regularly benefits from upgrades to improve and enrich its functionalities.

1- Connect the box

To start, connect the box via HDMI to your TV and to the mains. Then go to the Source channel of your TV associated with the HDMI cable.

2- Configuring the android tv box

Once the box is on, it displays configuration menus: all you have to do is follow the different steps to connect your box to the Internet, and start using it. The process is completely normal: Android TV regularly benefits from upgrades to improve and enrich its functionalities.

3- The update of the box

Very often, a freshly installed box requires an update: the latter is downloaded automatically, and asks you for confirmation before installing.

4- Connecting to your Google account

Finally, if you already have a  Google account , used on your Android smartphone or tablet for example, you can use the same on your box.

This may even allow you to launch application downloads from your PC, directly on your Android TV box.

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