Interactive toys for children

Interactive toys

When looking for a new  children’s toy , the same problem often arises: what to buy exactly? Toys that will make the toddler smile and, at the same time, promote their development will always be a good solution. Interactive toys are   like this: by playing, moving or talking, they  stimulate the  baby’s senses and  support their development .

An interactive toy, that is to say how?

Interactive toys for children are  those that teach while playing. But, in addition to that, they teach because  the interaction  between the child and the toy makes him develop new skills or reinforces existing ones. Interactive toys work   in such a way that the baby squeezes them, hits them with a hammer, hugs them or in any other way comes into contact with them, while they react back – they sound, play music, glow, talk. The range of functions of this type of toys is impressive.

What do interactive toys teach?

By coming into  contact with the toy , the child learns, first of all, the principle of cause and effect. It is an introduction to the  stimulation of the senses  : sight, hearing and touch. The  more complex interactive toys  will help him develop his  ability to concentrate ,  memorize details , his  imagination  and even the ability to solve problems creatively. By  interacting with toys , very young children can  exercise their muscles , for example by extending their arms or squeezing their hands on the toy; while older children learn new skills, such as expanding vocabulary  or  consolidating a foreign language .

By coming into contact with  interactive toys , the child can develop almost as many  skills  as there are accessories of this type. The toddler will successfully learn colors, numbers, letters, but also the noises of animals and the sounds of various equipment, and even the most famous works of great composers. The only limit is the designers’ imagination, and believe me, they have plenty of it.

The  stimuli  received make the baby more willing to establish various types of contact – he will simply be  more active  and  more curious about the world . Physical stimulation encourages children to develop both  manual  and motor skills:  crawling and walking .

In one room, on the mat, is a Kinderkraft brand activity mat.  A mother sitting on the ground watches the child lying on it.

What to consider when choosing the interactive toy for children?

It is easy to realize that the range of  interactive toys for children  is extremely wide – just go to any toy store. Many parents, walking among the shelves, ask themselves:  how do I choose the perfect interactive toy  for my child? To do this, attention must be paid to a number of aspects. Here is a quick guide.

First of all, it is important to  choose the toy according to the age  of the baby. A child who is too small will be easily discouraged by an accessory that is too ambitious, while a bigger one will not take pleasure in functions that are too simple. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the manufacturer’s markings, which suggest at what age the toy will be most suitable. Remember that these are estimates and  each child develops individually . So be sure to judge for yourself if your child is ready for a given product.

Also think about the toys your child already owns and try not to duplicate similar functions. Some toys  “grow” with the child  – they offer  different levels of difficulty  or they can be folded or unfolded to provide new sensations for your baby. Thanks to this, they will be excellent for both a  newborn  and  an older child . When choosing a function, it is also good to take into account the  personal preferences of the toddler . Is your child fascinated by cooking or cleaning? Maybe he likes cars or dolls? There is a  suitable toy  for every child!

Third, consider  quality . It is worth paying attention to how  the toy was made  : is it made of  high-quality materials  , does it have a neat finish so, for example, that it does not have sharp sides , have the details been taken care of, or maybe you can see the faults and imperfections at first glance? This has a direct impact on the safety of the toy – and, after all, safety comes first!

Fourth, the most important thing is precisely  security . You will learn a lot about this by checking if the product you are viewing has certificates  and  which ones. The basis is the  CE certificate , which certifies the  compliance of the toy with European standards . The Mother and Child Institute or the Polish Testing and Certification Center also issue their own certificates. Some toys also carry warnings on their packaging, usually stating that these toys are not suitable for a certain age group or that they should only be used under adult supervision. Substances  used in the production processare also a safety  issue  . Good toys should not contain any toxic substances, such as, for example, formaldehyde.

Also take care of your eyes and ears, and those of your baby. Therefore, choose  toys with volume control and mute function . Check the quality of the recordings so that they do not frighten or disturb. Additionally, colors that are too flashy or lights that change too quickly can cause concentration problems and lead to overstimulation and irritation.

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