Natural wear: Choose the right seat covers / floor mats

seat covers

Natural wear comes over time from more or less intensive use of objects. For professionals, it is very common to have to protect original equipment and work tools from regular use. To do this, you need Natural wear: choose your seat covers and floor mats carefully. Utilities are the work tools of professionals such as delivery people, craftsmen, drivers, etc.

Vans are the most popular vehicles with professionals. They represent a wide range of models ranging from vans to large trucks . They can carry up to 9 people and their dimensions vary according to use. They are often used for the transport of heavy and bulky loads, which allows them to be adapted to the industrial, commercial, agricultural and even military environment. Utility vehicles are also very practical for transporting goods, whether in city centers or in remote areas. They can transport a large quantity of goods in a short time. utility

Vehicles are available in several models depending on the needs and the sector of activity of the user.

The natural wear and tear of utilities

With intensive working days and conditions, the equipment can be subjected to perpetual external aggressions such as the weather, materials, paint, etc.

The utility being an important and expensive work tool, it is essential to pay attention to it in order to keep it as long as possible in good condition. For this, there are multiple accessories and equipment to maintain your van from the ground to the roof. To protect the floor, it is possible to install floor coverings such as floor mats for the front and boot seats (for minibuses) and a floor for the load space. Roof equipment such as a roof rack or roof bars to save space in the trunk and to transport bulky and bulky materials. Various accessories also exist to make the daily life of professionals easier, such as tarpaulins, straps, ladders, lights, snow chains, etc.

The seat covers

Seat covers in commercial vehicles are very important, as they protect the interior from dirt. Oil or gasoline stains can seriously damage your vehicle. In addition, seat covers protect the vehicle from moisture, dust and debris.

There are universal seat covers for all vans for occasional use or made to measure thanks to the dimensions provided by van manufacturers such as Renault, Peugeot, Nissan or Fiat .

There are different seat layouts, it is possible to have, for example in a utility vehicle , 2 or 3 seats at the front, single or double bench seats, separate seats, folding tables… The same pattern is repeated for the 8-seater or 9-seater minibuses with second and third rows.

It is therefore important when buying seat covers to pay attention to the layout of the seats of your van

It is, most of the time, possible to choose the material of its covers, you will most certainly have the choice between fabric, leather and imitation leather. The choice is made according to your tastes, but also according to your needs:

– From an aesthetic point of view. Leather seats are very elegant and can bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your interior. But that’s not all ! Leather is a very resistant and easy-care material, it is also very comfortable. On top of that, you’ll feel comfortable, which isn’t the case with fabric seats.

– From a practical point of view. Leather seats are very durable and can withstand heavy use for several years. They are very low maintenance and you can wash them easily.

Cloth seats, too, have many advantages. The first advantage of fabric van seats is that they are more economical than leather seats.

Indeed, fabric seats are cheaper than leather models . Likewise, they are more ecological, since they consume less energy.

It is possible to choose different colors for the seat covers such as: grey, black, anthracite grey, or even blue or red…

How to install seat covers in commercial vehicles?

There are several models of seat covers, and it is important to make the right choice according to:

To combat the wear and tear of the original floor, floor mats are there to protect against wear and damage associated with regular and specific activities.

The floor mats are made to measure with the exact quotations provided by the manufacturers of the various brands of the commercial vehicle that you wish to equip.

In addition, floor mats protect the van from external aggressions such as rain, mud, dust, paint, etc.

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