Top 5 Tips for Ordering Custom Furniture

Ordering Custom Furniture

The process of placing an order for custom-made furniture is usually difficult. The most exciting thing is you get to be the one who designs the product. This article has listed the top 5 tips necessary for success. To ensure an overall smooth process, it is necessary for you to be as accurate and detailed as possible at each and every stage of picking furniture for a room, even down to the manner in which fabric will be attached to the item. In addition to this, it is vital to know where in the design plan the component will be located and make certain that it will scale appropriately.

1. Be familiar with the size of your area.

When customising furniture proportions for a room, it is important to ensure that you are working with floor plans or designer drawings so that you are aware of the exact specifications of the area. Think about the height of the windows so that you may position a sofa so that it doesn’t block the view when placed under a window. When deciding whether to extend or shorten the length of a couch or sectional, it is important to take into account the seat and back cushion size combinations. Adding another cushion is a good idea when stretching a frame, but shrinking a frame could call for fewer cushions. The furniture’s visual appeal will be preserved as a result of this action.

2. Give some thought to how the item will be presented.

Check that the apertures in the project you are working on are big enough to accommodate the bespoke furniture you will be putting in the area. It would be a terrible experience to place an order for a king-size bed with an upholstered headboard and footboard just to find out that the bed would not fit through the entrance. In this particular circumstance, you should request a split platform.

3. Send a sketch.

In our designs, many of our designers prefer to incorporate treatments. If you want to add nail heads, adjust the legs, or add diamond tufting, the easiest thing to do is to submit a photograph demonstrating the desired trim and its positioning on the item. This becomes particularly significant if you want to add nail heads.

4. Select the appropriate material.

In regards to choosing a cover for your customised size furniture, there are a lot of different factors to think about. When making a customised item, you need to think about the width of the fabric roll and the direction in which the fabric flows. This is significant since there is a possibility that seams will need to run in places that you did not anticipate.

5. Make sure the requirements are correct.

Before moving further, you must verify both your requirements and the factory’s confirmation of your order. We consider ourselves partners with every one of our clients in making exquisite pieces of furniture, which are made one at a time upon the customer’s request. Therefore, before developing the custom sizes, ensuring that our specifications meet your specifications is helpful.

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