Jeff Lupient Wife Sheds Light on The Importance Of Community Involvement For a Business

Involvement For a Business

Community involvement must be a priority for all modern business owners, no matter the type of venture they operate. As per Jeff Lupient Wife, taking part in community programs and initiatives goes a long way in elevating business exposure and visibility, and can help improve customer loyalty. Lupient Automotive Group participates in community events by hosting events, making donations and more. In 2016, this company threw a successful fundraiser for the Minneapolis Parks Foundation and Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, and raised more than $35,000.

Jeff Lupient Wife talks about why community involvement is important for modern businesses

Community involvement has the capacity to bring about positive change and development in the local community where a business operates. Taking simple steps like initiating charity drives, sponsoring various events, building a park, and so on, can help companies get started with community involvement. Community involvement is closely tied to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and can have many advantages for a company, including:

  • Brand awareness: Getting involved in the community can be a good way to spread awareness about a brand. As a company participates in a drive or sponsors an event, it can invariably improve the overall brand recall. These events also help businesses to make sure that they have the needed information about its services, products and work culture. Community involvement often results in positive word of mouth for a company. Hence, from a bigger perspective, it is a simple and efficient way to earn the respect and loyalty of the locals, improve brand awareness, as well as reach a wider range of audiences.
  • Professional and personal development: Community involvement can considerably contribute to continuous professional and personal development. As a company and its employees get more involved in the community, they are able to build a deeper perspective of their surroundings. Engaging in community events may help employees to gain a sense of responsibility, learn how to appreciate the little things, as well as make them feel motivated to give back to the community.
  • Improves retention rate: A positive work environment tends to be vital for any company. When employees perceive their efforts as insignificant, it can detrimentally impact the work culture, leading to decreased productivity and increased turnover rates. Companies that prioritize community engagement usually also foster a more favorable work culture for their staff. Employees are often drawn to organizations that prioritize humility and empathy as fundamental principles.

As Jeff Lupient Wife says, businesses of all types and sizes can contribute to the community. As companies spend a large part of the year focusing on profits, it is vital that they set aside enough time and resources to focus on community development. For instance, in addition to hosting a fundraiser for the Minneapolis Parks Foundation and Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, Lupient Automotive Group has contributed to the local community in many other ways. A $100,000 donation by Barbara Lupient through the Minneapolis Parks Foundation helped get the project of a new recreation center at Northeast Athletic Field underway.

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