Tips to Buy Indian Spices

Buy Indian Spices

India is renowned for its tasty and delectable food. The usage of a wide range of spices is a major contributing factor to this. Indian spices give food flavour, aroma, and health advantages. However, with so many alternatives available, choosing the proper spices can be challenging. This article will offer advice on how to buy indian spices online and get premium Indian spices.

Learn about common Indian spices

Indian spice tradition includes a large variety of spices. It’s a good idea to check out the tastes and uses of different spices before you go shopping. One of the most used spices is cumin, redolent of the earth but nutty. It is used in rice dishes, lentils, and curry powders.

Almost all vegetable dishes use coriander, and curries as well, because of its waxy-sweet taste. Turmeric tastes yeasty and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. It colours most vegetable courses bright yellow, simply for that reason. Press into your soup bowls or tureen with the remaining 2 tablespoons curry powder which will give it a final colour very similar to that of restaurant takeaway.

Check for freshness and aroma

Their freshness has a great influence on the taste of spices. Until you try them you should smell the spices from India you order. If they aren’t fresh, these nicely pungent and flavorful spices that you recognize from your own cooking will taste bland.No fresh scent of spices fills the air. Whether the perfumes smell so strong like they seem fresh is hard to say.

The colour and texture of the spices can also reveal how fresh they are. A gritty texture and a bright colour are both signs of freshness. But if they have a powdery feel on the tongue or colours that have faded they’re very old. The amount of spices should be not big, and you should go to buy them every time you run out.

Look for spices from reputed brands

Indian spices are offered by numerous companies on the market. However, some might add fillers and preservatives, or utilise spices of lower quality. Purchasing from reputable, trustworthy brands that are well-known for their premium spices is preferable.

Well-known and dependable Indian spice brands include MDH, Everest, and Badshah. There may be some lesser-known, regional brands like Shaan or Goldiee that sell high-quality spices. Carefully review the ingredient listings and steer clear of companies that list anything but the pure spice as an additive.

Try different spice forms

Indian spices are available as pastes, powders, and seeds, among other forms. Every form has benefits and uses of its own. For tempering oil or creating new spice combinations, whole spices like cumin or coriander work well. Turmeric and chilli powders are examples of ground powders that blend well into food.

Spice pastes give tastes that are concentrated and make it simple to use spice blends in dishes. For instance, paste made from ginger and garlic is a useful component in a lot of Indian curries. Try a variety of spice forms to see which suits your cooking style the best.

Store spices properly

The freshness and flavours of any spices you purchase will last longer if they are stored properly. Spices should be stored in airtight containers out of the heat and moisture in a cold, dark place.

Spice jars or tins work best since they keep out light. To prevent the entire batch from coming into contact with air, you can also move your spices into smaller containers and remove only what you need each time. Indicate the name of the spice and the date you purchased or opened the containers on the label. By doing this, you can use up your older spice stock first and rotate your supply.

Know when to replace spices

Spices do lose their efficacy even when stored properly. To make sure you’re getting the most flavours possible, it’s a good idea to frequently update your spice bottles.

Generally speaking, try to replace whole spices once a year and ground spices every six months. Use your senses as well, though; if the flavour is monotonous or the aroma has diminished, it’s time to buy fresh spice bottles.

Taste and adjust seasonings

When cooking Indian dishes, always taste as you go and adjust the spice levels. Different spice brands and batches can vary in their potency and heat levels. Start with a little less spice than the recipe calls for. Then taste the dish and add more spices if needed until the seasoning is just right for your palate.

This helps customise each dish to your personal taste preferences for spice levels and heat. It also prevents over-seasoning which can make a dish unpleasantly spicy or overwhelm other flavours.


Indian food features an amazing variety of spices that give distinct tastes and scents. You may choose fresh, high-quality Indian spices for your cooking needs by using the advice. Always make sure you get spices from reputable vendors like LVN Foods, verify their freshness, store them correctly, and use them sparingly. Investigate several spice varieties and attempt creating personalised masala blends. By keeping the appropriate spices on hand, you can replicate the genuine flavour of Indian food in your own home.

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